You can get tenants to prequalify directly from your online listing!


  1. From the RentRedi dashboard, click "Properties"
  2. Select the unit
  3. Click "Property Details"
  4. Click "Show" next to "Listing Details (for Property)"
  5. Copy-paste the Recommended Text (below) into the "Property Description"
  6. Replace the Unit Code in the the Recommended Text (below) with the unit code for your unit
  7. Click "Save"
  8. Click "List Unit"

    • If the unit is already listed, then the listing will automatically refresh the next day.
    • If the unit is already listed and you need the unit to update immediately, you can click "Unlist" and then click "List Unit".

Recommended Text


To prequalify, please complete the following steps:
  • Download the RentRedi App: Get it on Google Play OR Download on the App Store
  • Go to “Prequalify" in the app
  • Enter your details
  • Search by Unit Code: ABC-124
  • Send it!


Note: replace "ABC-124" (in step 4) with the unit code for your unit. 

Done! ✅

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