How to Switch from Intuit to Propay
How to Switch from Intuit to Propay, Propay switch
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To make the switch from Intuit to Propay, update your payment information in RentRedi accordingly:

  1. From your RentRedi dashboard, click the gear icon in the upper righthand corner

  2. Click “Settings”

  3. Toggle to "Feature Settings"

  4. Under "Receive Payments", click "Edit" or “Modify”

  5. Click "Add Account"

  6. Fill out your personal & bank details

  7. Verify the information, sign, and click "Continue"

  8. Click “Submit” and a merchant account will be created at the top of your payments page

  9. Under the "Payment Account Connections" list, go to the “Primary” tab on the righthand side of the screen

  10. Select the new account from the scroll box list.

  11. Done!

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