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Application Form Update

As of 4/19/2021, RentRedi is removing social security numbers from our application form to help protect our landlords & tenants, while still delivering the same, detailed tenant screening.

What will change?

  • We are removing the collection of SSN from our application form to help prevent potential fraud

  • For any tenant who applied before 4/19/21, landlords will still able to access the SSN in the PDF application format and the downloaded PDF application file. However, the number has been removed from the editable details on a tenant’s application and the downloadable spreadsheet.

  • For tenant applications received after 4/19/21, the SSN field will not be collected

Why is this update occurring?

To help prevent fraud & protect our customers, RentRedi is eliminating SSN fields from our application form.

Additionally, collecting SSNs makes you responsible for protecting your tenants’ sensitive information. It can be expensive (in both time and money) to properly safeguard this information.

What do I need to do?

No action is required. If the SSN field is required for a different reason than the tenant screening, you can consider collecting the SSN on your lease.

Don't I need SSN to run a screening check?

You don’t! 🎉

TransUnion works with RentRedi to create a safe way for you to receive screening reports from your applicants without having to see or be responsible for their SSN.

Question we didn't cover?

If you have any concerns with this update, please email [email protected].

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