Prequalify Tenants Directly from Listing

Encourage tenants to prequalify directly from your online listing, invite applicants to prequalify directly from listings

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Tenants can prequalify to your rental directly from your online listing!

For RentRedi Listings Page

  1. From the RentRedi dashboard, click Properties

  2. Select the unit

  3. Under Unit Details, click Create a Listing or the blue List Unit button

  4. Check the box Show button to prequalify (Note: This button will only show on your RentRedi listing page. For syndicated listings, the instructions to prequalify will be automatically included in your property listing description.)

When you list the page, you can share your RentRedi listings page across your network and prospects will be able to apply via the blue Prequalify button.

For Syndicated Listings Page

The instructions to prequalify (below) will be included in your property listing description!

Instructions to Prequalify

To prequalify, please complete the following steps:

  1. Download the RentRedi App: Get it on Google Play or Download on the App Store

  2. Tap the Apply button

  3. Select whether you're prequalifying or apply

  4. Enter in your unit code: XXX-XXX

  5. Click Enter Information and answer the questions

  6. Click Send to submit to the landlord

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