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If you're not receiving traction on your listing or want to have tenants prequalify directly from your listing, follow the instructions below!

  1. Click the "Properties" tab

  2. Select the unit you would like to list

  3. Under the "Listing Details" section, you can click "Create a Listing" to fill out listing details (upload photos, unit type, rent, deposit, details and amenities, etc).

  4. Make sure the "Allow to prequalify from listing" is checked

  5. For RentRedi listings, a "Prequalify" button will show on the page

  6. For listings, the instructions to prequalify will be included in your property description

  7. Click "Save Changes" to save your information without listing.

  8. Click "List Unit" if you're ready to list!

  9. After you click "List Unit", you can choose where you'd like to list your unit:

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