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How Does Tenant Prequalification Work?
How Does Tenant Prequalification Work?

Tenant prequalification, minimum, criteria, set up

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Tenant prequalification is a 10-question, in-tenant-app survey that helps you determine if an applicant meets your minimum criteria through prescreening.

Here's how the tenant prequalification flow works!

Invite Directly to Prequalify

You can invite a tenant to prequalify with their email (How to Invite Tenants to Prequalify)

Prequalify from Listings

Tenants will follow the instructions sent to them when invited and submit prequalification information through the RentRedi tenant app—the questions are all set up for you!

  1. You can review and accept or reject, based on your criteria

  2. Done! 😊

Here's an example of what you'll get with the prequalification!

💡Tip: If you're receiving a lot of prequalifications, you can post your minimum criteria in the listing to reduce # of prequalifications!

P.S. After you prequalify a tenant, you can invite them to a showing or to apply. Read more about how the getting a tenant flow works here. 

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