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Difference Between Prequalification and Application
Difference Between Prequalification and Application

prequalify and apply what is the difference

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What is the difference between a prequalification and an application?

Great question!

➡️ Prequalification

A prequalification is a method of prescreening an applicant—before they submit a full application and pay for a background check.

With RentRedi, our 10-question prequalification survey is built directly into the tenant app so applicants can simply input their information and submit it directly to you.

This enables you to quickly identify whether or not the applicant meets your minimum requirements for:

  • Financial information

  • Guarantor income

  • Pets, smoking

  • Criminal history

➡️ Application

An application is exactly what it sounds like—the full application and background check.

Tenants fill out the application and submit/pay for the background check (credit, criminal, eviction reports) directly from their RentRedi app!

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