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  1. Click the "Properties" tab

  2. Next to the unit you'd like to list, click the flag/listing icon.

  3. From there, you can click "Copy details from an existing template"

  4. Select the property & unit you'd like to copy details from

  5. Click "Copy Details"

  6. You can also fill out any other listing details (upload photos, unit type, rent, deposit, details and amenities, etc).

  7. Click "Save Changes" to save your information without listing.

  8. Click "List Unit" if you're ready to list!

  9. After you click "List Unit", you can choose where you'd like to list your unit: RentRedi automatically syndicates your listing for free. Should syndicate within 6 hours.

RentRedi: Free listings page on RentRedi. Click the arrow icon on the "RentRedi" blue button to copy and paste the link from your browser to share on Facebook, your website, over text, or anywhere you'd like! Should syndicate within minutes.

Zillow Network: You can list on Zillow Network (Zillow, Trulia, and HotPads) directly from RentRedi, for only $1.75/day/unit (vs Zillow’s weekly/unit charge). Should syndicate within one day. 🎉

Congrats! You listed your unit!

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