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How RentRedi Makes Renting Easy
How RentRedi Makes Renting Easy

How RentRedi works, how to set up RentRedi, what RentRedi does

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RentRedi is an all-inclusive landlord-tenant app that has everything you need to manage your rentals: receive mobile rent payments, screen tenants, manage maintenance, and list properties!

Receive online and mobile rent payments

✅ Tenants pay with credit/debit, cash, or their bank accounts
✅ No fees to landlords
✅ Auto-late fees
✅ Partial payments or block payments
✅ No fees for additional units or tenants

Identify better tenants

✅ No fees to landlords  
✅ Built-in prequalification survey
✅ Full credit, criminal, and eviction reports
✅ Run background checks 

Manage maintenance easier

✅ Tenants upload a 5-second video of any problem  
✅ Connect your maintenance team to the app
✅ Real-time tracking of maintenance fix
✅ Receive confirmation when job is complete

List properties with one click

✅ Listings to and Zillow
✅ Add properties to your account
✅ List vacant rentals as needed  
✅ Unlimited listings

Ready to get started? Sign up here. You can even explore a demo account after you sign up! 😁

Click below to watch a video demonstration of RentRedi.

Questions still?  Click the blue button in the bottom right and message us.  We'll help answer and then improve this. 😊

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