Are you a new RentRedi landlord looking to invite your tenants and explain the benefits of using RentRedi? 

Welcome! 🤗

When you add a tenant, we automatically send them a welcome email, so you don't need to send the tenant a welcome/explanatory message unless you want to! 😊

  1. If you want to print the tenant letter, click this link to the Google Doc version to print.

  2. If you want to copy & customize the tenant letter, you can copy the letter below and paste it into your own document or email! 

Letter to Tenant:

Hi there!

I am using RentRedi, a property management app, to help improve your renting experience. With RentRedi, tenants are able to:

  • Pay rent from your smartphone (you can even set up auto-pay!)

  • Submit maintenance requests

  • Get push notifications about the property

  • Set customized reminders for rent, utilities, etc

  • Get renters insurance

  • Boost your credit by reporting rent payments!

Please Complete the Steps Below:

  1. Download the RentRedi App & create an account

  2. Andriod: Get it on Google Play / Apple: Download on the App Store

  3. Accept the invite (in the app) to link yourself as a tenant to the unit.

If you have any questions for me, please email me directly.

If you have any RentRedi support questions, please email [email protected] or use the blue chat box on our website to message the support team.

Thank you!

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