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Tenant Didn't Receive the Invite to Connect
Tenant Didn't Receive the Invite to Connect

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When you invite a tenant to connect or link to your unit in RentRedi, both you and your tenant will receive the email invitation and instructions. πŸ˜„


If they didn't receive the email, tenants can still create an account in the RentRedi app. After they create their account, a popup will ask them to connect.

The tenant can also check their SPAM folder or search their email inboxes for "[email protected]".

If your tenant still doesn't see an invite to connect in their email inbox or the app, make sure their email is spelled correctly in the invite.


If the email is incorrect or needs to be updated, do the following:

  1. As the tenant what email they used to sign up

  2. From your RentRedi dashboard, click "Renters"

  3. Select the tenant

  4. On the tenant card, update/ensure the email is correct

  5. Click "Save Changes"

  6. Then, click "Update & Invite"

Then, the tenant can close and reopen their RentRedi tenant app and popup invitation will appear!

If your tenant has double-checked their Spam folders and their email is spelled correctly in the invite, please reach out to [email protected]. πŸ˜„

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