How Tenant Screening Works

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RentRedi's standard tenant screening is tenant-paid at $39.99 through TransUnion. If you've enabled income and asset verification screenings, it will be tenant-paid for $49.99.
Included is TransUnion's

  • Full Credit Report: TransUnion predicts rental eviction risk 15% better than traditional credit scores, helping landlords make a more confident rental decision.

  • Full Eviction Report: One of the largest evictions databases subject to the FCRA with 27 million eviction records, covering all 50 states plus Washington D.C.

  • Full Criminal Report : Over 370 million criminal records from state and national databases provide comprehensive information for landlords.

  • Tenant income and asset verification

Automatic tenant screening requests will be sent with the application request. Additionally, you can manually request tenant screening after you have reviewed the application.

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(Note: Each applicant for a tenant screening needs to create a separate RentRedi account & application. This is to ensure that you can collect the proper information from each application who will be on the lease.)

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