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Auto-tenant screening allows landlords to automatically get a completed tenant screening with every application submitted. 🎉

This allows you to instantly review the tenant's credit, criminal, and eviction reports (including a custom recommendation), as well as the full application and documents. 

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Follow the instructions below! 👇

  1. On your RentRedi dashboard, click the three-dot icon on the "Applications" section

  2. Click "Screening Rules"

  3. Click "Add Rule"

  4. In the dropdown menu, select which property and unit(s) you would like to enable automatic tenant screening for

  5. Tip: You can enable automatic tenant screening for all properties and all units by selecting "all properties" and "all units" from the dropdown menu.

  6. Under "Do you want to use auto-tenant screening?" select "Yes"

  7. Congrats, automatic tenant screening will be enabled!

(Note: you can also change tenant screening rules under Settings > Toggle to "Feature Settings" > "Automatic Screening Rules" )

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Once a prospective tenant has applied and submitted a tenant screening, you will be notified via email. 😊

  1. In your notification email, click “View Application” (or, you can click into the tenant's card under “Applications” on your RentRedi dashboard)

  2. Click into “Credit Report”, “Criminal Report”, or “Eviction Report” (located on the lefthand side of the tenant's card) to view the reports

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