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Application + Auto-Tenant Screening Flow

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In your RentRedi tenant mobile app, click "Apply."

Fill out your application information, and then click "Send"

Ensure the apartment details are correct and click "Preview & Apply"

If your landlord has requested a tenant screening, you will see a pending tenant request. Click " Yes, let's do this!"

Read and accept the Terms and Conditions and click "Agree"

Next, verify your identity by answering three questions. Click "Submit" after each question.

[Note: If you are asked a question that doesn’t apply to you (e.g., “How much is your mortgage?” when you don’t have a mortgage), click “None of the above”.]

Fill out your payment information and click "Pay $39.99" to submit your payment for the background check.

Electronically sign the document by using your finger to draw your signature. Then, click "Accept"

Preview your application and then click "Send" to submit it!

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