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How to Request Tenant Screening for a CURRENT Tenant Who Didn't Apply
How to Request Tenant Screening for a CURRENT Tenant Who Didn't Apply

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Need to a request a tenant screening for a tenant who didn't apply or already submitted an application outside of RentRedi?

  1. Click "Renters"

  2. Click "Add"

  3. You'll see a pop up to invite a tenant to RentRedi

  4. Fill out the email of the tenant

  5. Input the property address and unit

  6. Click "Next"

  7. The invite will be sent to connect to the unit

  8. In the mean time, click "View Tenant"

  9. On the tenant card, there will be a tenant screening icon on the lefthand side of their tenant card.

  10. Click "Tenant Screening"

  11. You'll see a pop up for the rediScreen tenant screening

  12. Ensure all the information (applicant name and email) is correct

  13. Click "Next"

  14. Confirm and send by clicking "Request"

Note: You can also invite the tenant to apply first, if you would like them to submit and application. Go to the "Applications" tab and click "Invite" in the top right corner to invite them to apply. Once they submit their application, you can invite them to screen through that submitted application.

Questions still?  Click the blue button in the bottom right and message us.  We'll help answer and then improve this. 😊

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