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How the Latchel Process Works

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Wondering how the Latchel process works? Here's how!

  1. When your tenant submits a maintenance request via Latchel

  2. Latchel starts reaching out to vendors & vetting

  3. Once a vendor is found, Latchel will begin the scheduling process with your Tenant. Tenants receive an email & text to add more detail about the maintenance issue and provide their availability.

  4. You can view a timeline of activity on all maintenance requests in the RentRedi maintenance request dashboard

  5. Vendors are deployed to fix the issue

  6. Both the vendor and tenant mark the issue complete

  7. Once the issue is marked complete, the tenant will be asked to respond with a satisfaction survey!

    NOTE: If a maintenance request goes over your hard budget, Latchel will reach out to you directly

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