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How Does Latchel Work For My Tenants
How Does Latchel Work For My Tenants

How Are My Tenants Notified About Latchel, latchel for tenants

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When you sign up for Latchel via RentRedi, tenants can submit repair requests through:

  1. Latchel's dedicated phone line

  2. From their RentRedi app!

After you enable Latchel for your properties, tenants are notified via email (shown below). In this email, they receive a dedicated number to call in case of emergency.

For non-emergency repairs, if you signed up for Full Service Maintenance Coordination, tenants can still submit maintenance requests to Latchel from their RentRedi app. These requests will still appear on your dashboard as well, giving you full insight into any repair requests.

Tenants will also be able to submit maintenance requests via their RentRedi app and can access the emergency hotline from their RentRedi app as well!

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