What qualifies as an emergency issue for Latchel?

As a rule of thumb, anything that can cause property damage or is a tenant habitability issue. Latchel has set emergency protocols to meet legal requirements in all 50 states. See their specific emergency criteria below.

  • Leaks that can cause property damage. This includes roofing leaks, lawn/sprinkler leaks, toilet leaks, and overflows, sink leaks, and HVAC leaks.

  • No functioning toilets in the house.

  • Sewage backups or sewage on-premises.

  • Water issues like no water, dirty water, or no hot water.

  • No heat in cold weather (under 45F; 55F if young children, elderly, or sick people are present)

  • No AC in hot weather (over 95F; 85F if young children, elderly, or sick people are present.)

  • Security and safety issues (broken windows, broken/open doors).

  • Cars blocked in by broken community gates.

  • Electrical outages (not caused by the power company) and loss of power to medical equipment.

  • Life-threatening emergencies like gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, and fires are directed to 911.

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