Change a Tenant's Unit

Change unit for tenant, wrong unit, switch unit, update unit, for accepted tenant

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If your tenant or applicant applied to a different/the wrong unit, you can link them to any unit you would like with this tour!  😄

Or, follow the instructions below! 👇

  1. Unlink the tenant from the wrong unit.

  2. Select the unit you would like to link the tenant to

  3. On the lefthand side, you will see the Tenants tab

  4. Click "+ Add" to invite the tenant

  5. Enter the tenant's email in the invitation

  6. You're all set! The tenant is invited to your unit!  

Note: When unlinking and relinking a tenant to a unit, the tenant will appear in both the "Current" and "Prior" section on your Renters dashboard. We create a record (called a Tenant Card) each time you link a tenant to a unit. This allows you to have multiple records for one tenant—e.g., for tenants who rent more than one unit or property from you over a period of time!

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