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How to Share a Document with a Tenant
How to Share a Document with a Tenant

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Document sharing! Landlords can now share documents with tenants (like leases, utility bills, etc.) πŸ˜„

Take the tour, and we'll do it together! πŸ˜„

Follow the instructions below! πŸ‘‡

  1. On your RentRedi dashboard, click the "Renters" tab

  2. Select the tenant you wish to share a document with

  3. Click the "Documents" tab

  4. Upload the document (if you haven't already)

  5. Check the "Share with Tenant" box

  6. Done! Your document will be shared with the tenant. πŸŽ‰

To access the document from the tenant side, all they have to do is open their RentRedi app and tap the "Documents" button. From there, all the shared documents will be viewable!

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