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How to See if Tenant has Purchased Renters Insurance
How to See if Tenant has Purchased Renters Insurance

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Your tenants can purchase renters insurance from their RentRedi tenant app!

You can see if they've purchased insurance from your landlord dashboard. (Note: it may take 2 business days to reflect the purchase on your dashboard.)

  1. On your RentRedi dashboard, click the "Renters" tab

  2. Locate the tenant on the list.

  3. The tenant's shield icon (on the righthand side) will be green if they've uploaded insurance documents!

  4. If the shield is red, it means the tenant hasn't purchased renters insurance (or indicated they've purchased insurance in their tenant app).

  5. Click the red shield icon to send the tenant a push notification to remind them to purchase insurance if their lease requires it!

Note: You can also see if a tenant has uploaded insurance documents by clicking into their profile & checking under the insurance section.

If you want to manually mark the tenant as having insurance, you can also use this section to click "Mark as Insured" on the tenant's card.

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