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Check "Declined Invite" Status for Tenants
Check "Declined Invite" Status for Tenants

tenant decline invite, resend connection invite to renter

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Is your tenant not seeing their RentRedi invite? Or did the tenant accidentally decline the invite?

You can check the status of their invitation right from RentRedi!

Follow the instructions below! 😊

  1. On your RentRedi dashboard, click on the "Renters" tab

  2. Find the tenant's name.

  3. On the tenant's bar, there will be a red or green phone icon.

    1. Red means the tenant has not connected to the unit.

    2. Green means the tenant has connected with the unit. :)

  4. Hovering over the phone icon will show you the status of the invite. If the tenant declined the invite, it will read "Declined Invite" and the phone icon will be red.

    If you need to re-send the invite, simply click the red phone icon and the invite will be re-sent!

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