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How to Resend a Tenant Invite

My tenant is not seeing their invite, how to let my tenant see an invite

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Need to send or re-invite a tenant to connect?

​Or, you can follow the instructions below! 😊

  1. On your RentRedi dashboard, click on the "Renters" tab

  2. Find the tenant's name.

  3. On the tenant's bar, there will be a red or green phone icon.

    1. If it is red, that means the tenant has not connected to the unit.

    2. If it is green, that means the tenant has connected with the unit.

  4. If the tenant is not connected to the unit or you need to re-send the invite, simply click the phone icon and the invite will be re-sent!

Note: The tenant will not see an invite if you skip the initial invitation. So if the tenant isn't seeing your invite, that could be why. However, you can easily re-send it using the steps above!

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