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Step 1: Get Paid on Impact - Submit Tax Document
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To get paid from RentRedi's partner program, you will need to

1) submit tax documents and

2) set up your bank account/Paypal information in Impact.

Partners in the United States (or working with US brands) will need to submit a tax document before they can withdraw their balance.

Please make sure your bank account name exactly matches the name you submit on your tax form, otherwise, we can't pay.

To submit your tax document, follow the steps below! 😊

When you login in Impact, click the arrow dropdown menu in the upper-righthand corner.

Click Tax Documents

Select the type of electronic tax document you would like to submit (W9, W8-BEN, W8-BEN-E).

Click Continue to start filling out the document.

Click Start to be taken through the required sections!

Click Finish to submit.

After you've submitted your tax documents, set up your bank account!

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