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Share a Personal Affiliate Link on Facebook and Twitter

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To get a link that you can share on Facebook and Twitter, go to your Impact dashboard.

In Create a Link, you will be able to enter a landing page.

In Create a Link, enter or copy and paste in and click Create.

You will get a sharable link to promote RentRedi on Facebook and Twitter. Just click the button and you will be redirected to your Facebook and Twitter!

You can copy and paste any of the examples below, in addition with your link!

If you’re a RentRedi customer, share your personal experience with the product. Feel free to use emojis/gifs, if that feels natural to you. It’s okay to be genuine and authentic when sharing how you personally use the product.

Example Copy 1

Lately, I have been using Rentredi for managing my rentals, and I HIGHLY recommend them.

They have the full application process as well as reasonably-priced, tenant-paid background checks. I also like that I can control if I accept partial payments or not. I received fast responses to my listings on and Zillow. (I also used their listing page to share the listing on Facebook).

Btw, my tenants also like the app. They have already used the maintenance feature successfully, and the mobile rent payments work well too.

The RentRedi support staff is also responsive and very easy to work with. [ Link ]

Example Copy 2

I thought you would be interested in checking out RentRedi. They’re a landlord-tenant software that’s dedicated to their landlords and making things easy for them (like mobile rent collection, listings, tenant screening, and communication). They also listen, I mean, REALLY listen to the feedback they receive. The RentRedi support staff is also the friendliest and easiest to work with. I love what they do! [ Link ]

Example Copy 3

A lot of people in my network are using this app, RentRedi. It's geared toward both the landlord and tenant experience and rethinks how to safely and easily manage properties in this new and wild time. It features contactless payments, video maintenance requests, listings, and tenant screenings for $9/month for unlimited units.

In case it's any help for landlords in this group, they have ridiculously good live chat and you can play in the demo mode for free before subscribing too!

[ Link ]

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