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Promoting RentRedi to your Meetup Group

Promoting RentRedi to your Meetup Group, referral meetup, partner referral

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As a RentRedi partner, you can earn a commission per approved landlord that uses your RentRedi partner link to signup!

1. Create a RentRedi Partner Account

➡️ Follow the instructions Sign Up for RentRedi Affiliate/Partner Program

2. Get your RentRedi Partner Link

➡️ Follow the instructions to find and Copy Your Personal Link

3. Use the Email Function in to Promote RentRedi

  1. From your Meetup group homepage, select Manage group

  2. Select Contact members from the drop-down menu

  3. Under Send this message to, you’ll see the default option is set to email all members in your Meetup group

4. Send email and be sure to include your partner link

➡️ Share your personal link via the following email template. (You can customize if you want!)

Dear members,

I thought you would be interested in checking out RentRedi. They’re a landlord-tenant software that’s dedicated to their landlords and making things easy for them (like mobile rent collection, listings, tenant screening, and communication). They also listen, I mean, REALLY listen to the feedback they receive. The RentRedi support staff is also the friendliest and easiest to work with. I love what they do!

Sign up via my partner link to get started! [insert Impact link]

Best regards,


5. Get paid! 🎉

➡️ Check your dashboard via Impact to see the progress of your campaign.

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