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1099-K IRS Form and ProPay Inc

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ProPay is our payment processing partner (acquired by Global Payments) and handles sending your funds from your tenants to you!

If you receive a 1099-K form from ProPay Inc, this is for rent payments made via RentRedi!

How will I get my 1099-K?

Your 1099-K is typically sent via physical mail to the address you provided when creating your payment account.

What address will go on the 1099-K?

The 1099K is associated with the business name, TIN/EIN, and address for tax purposes.

If I'm managing properties for different owners using different bank accounts in the system, who gets the 1099-K?

If a landlord qualifies for a 1099-K, then one will be sent by our payment processor (Propay) to each business address entered with reference to each legal business name they signed up for on file.

I received 2 1099-Ks, why is that?

If you received two 1099's from Propay that is from two different channels through which payments are processed. (I.e., one for all ACH payments processed and another for card payments.)

Download 1099-K

Also, you can download your 1099-K directly in RentRedi:

  1. Click here to view your payment accounts

  2. Click Open Dashboard on the payment account

  3. Choose the My Profile tab

  4. Click Download 1099-K's

Locate Payment Accounts

Need to locate your payment accounts dashboard? Follow the steps outlined here!

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