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"View Another Profile For this Person"
"View Another Profile For this Person"

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A tenant profile is created any time a landlord:

  1. Connects a tenant to a unit,

  2. A prospective tenant submits a prequalification,

  3. Or a prospective tenant submits an application.

You can click into any profiles to see if a tenant is a “Prior Tenant” or a “Current Tenant”.

All records are kept so that the landlord has an exact record of any current or previous tenants. 😊

For example, if a tenant starts a lease for one unit, and then switches units for the same landlord, they might have two tenant profiles.

Overall, if the tenant is properly connected to the unit ("Current Tenant"), there’s nothing you need to do, but that’s why you see multiple tenant profiles when you click “View Another Profile For This Person.”

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