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Tenants Apply While Waiting on Closing

invite tenants to apply / closing property

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If you're still waiting on a property to close or don't have your property connected to an approved payment account, you can still have prospective tenants apply so you'll have the perfect tenant by the time you've finished signing all the paperwork! :)

Note: You will not be able to list the property or collect rent until your payment account is approved, but you can collect applications!

The easiest way to do so without a listing is by directly invite the tenant to apply:

  1. Go to your RentRedi dashboard.

  2. Click the "+" on the Applications tab

  3. Fill out the Invitation Card with the tenant's email, first name, and the property and unit.

  4. Note: You can click "Show Preview" at the top of the invitation card to see a preview of the email.

  5. Click "Invite" to send the invitation!


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