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Landlord & Property Manager with Properties in RentRedi
Landlord & Property Manager with Properties in RentRedi

property manager and landlord, set up properties I own vs. properties I manage

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There are a few ways to designate properties you own vs properties you manage!

When managing your properties on RentRedi, we give you the flexibility to choose what works best for you.

Below are the options, of which you can do any or all:

1. Set Up Property-Specific Payment Accounts for Each Bank Account

Most landlords/property managers just need to have the money route to the appropriate person.

Add a payment account for each bank account (read more) that you'll need to send money to and connect it to the property. Then, rent payments will automatically flow to the selected account.

2. Give Owner's View-Only Access to Their Properties' Reports

If you are managing properties for others and they need to view reports, you can add the owners as view-only teammates (read more) and share ONLY their properties with them.

Then, they will be able to log in, accept the invite, and view only what was shared with them

3. Create Personalized, Custom Reports

You can go into any page with a table (for example, "Rent") and use the custom filter (read more) function to select the properties you want to see in that report. Once selected, then bookmark the page.

Every time you reopen that bookmark, it will automatically apply the filters you selected so that you can easily see a report with just a click -- and you can do this on any page, for any properties, and with as many custom reports as you would like!

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