How to Get Corrected Names on Your 1099K

update names 1099k

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Propay can make corrections to your 1099-K form for issues concerning the Tax ID, name, or address. They are not able to modify the gross amount reported on the form.

If you need to correct the payee name or address that is on the 1099-K:

  1. Message into RentRedi chat support the information that is incorrect on your 1099-K

  2. Chat support will ask you to provide a copy of either the W-9 or SS-4 related to your business.

  3. RentRedi will put in a request with Propay and attach the provided documents from you with the request to have the 1099-K corrected.

  4. This request will also fix any information for future 1099-Ks to be generated

  5. The corrected 1099-Ks will be mailed directly to you!

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