Automatic Rent Reminders

Set scheduled rent reminders to be sent to tenants at specific cadences as rent comes due or past due. Sent as emails & in-app notifications

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Rent reminders allow landlords and teammates to set automated emails and in-app notifications to be sent to the tenant at customizable triggers:

  • On the day rent is due

  • When rent is due in X days

  • When rent is late by X days

These reminder notifications are set by unit and can be set to repeat/re-alert the tenant until rent is paid. Multiple triggers can be set on a single unit.

Turn On Rent Reminders

  1. From your RentRedi dashboard, click the dropdown arrow by the Rent section

  2. Click Rent Reminders from the dropdown menu

  3. Click Add Rule

  4. Set the property address and unit you'd like to create the rule for

  5. Select when you'd like the send the reminder (on the day rent is due, before rent is due, or after rent is late)

  6. You can also select whether to send the reminder once or multiple times

  7. Click Add Additional Rule to create and apply more rent reminder rules!

  8. When you're finished setting up your rules, click Save Rule

Turn Off Rent Reminders

  1. From the Rent Reminders page, select the rule you'd like to turn off

  2. Click the X on the rule you wish to remove

  3. Click Save Changes

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