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Turn Off Rent Reminders (for Tenants)
Turn Off Rent Reminders (for Tenants)

turn off tenant reminders to pay rent, stop reminders to pay rent

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If you're a tenant and want rent reminders turned off, then these are the steps that should be taken:

  1. Can you pay rent? That will stop the rent reminders.

  2. If you cannot pay rent and need the rent reminders to stop, please reach out to your landlord. The landlord can turn off these rent reminders if they would like to.

  3. If you cannot pay rent, your landlord will not turn them off or is unresponsive, and you never want to receive emails from RentRedi again, then you can request our team to remove you from all emailing contacts. Our team is obligated to remove you from emailing lists if you request so, but please know that this cannot be undone, and this is not recommended. You will not receive any communication from your landlord sent through the RentRedi platform.

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