Can't See Charges on Tenant App

Don't see rent, can't see charges, tenant can't see payments

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When your landlord creates charges, you'll be able to view and pay them.

  1. Open your RentRedi app

  2. Tap the "Rent" icon

  3. You'll see all payments due

If you don't see charges, that generally means one or two things:

  1. Your landlord has not created charges on their side yet

  2. Your landlord has not linked you to the charges on their side yet

Reach out to your landlord to ensure they've set up charges and connected you to the unit and rent charges.


  1. Check if tenant is connected to the unit

    1. If no, resend invite for tenant to connect. Then they should be all set to connect and see rent!

    2. If yes, continue to step 2

  2. Check if the rent has been created

    1. If no, create the rent

    2. If yes, continue to step 3

  3. Check if the tenant is connected to the rent charge

    1. If no, delete future charges and recreate them

    2. If yes, message RentRedi support

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