We’re glad you’re already using RentRedi! Your BiggerPockets Pro benefit will apply when your next RentRedi payment is due. If you pay monthly, this means next month! Pay annually or bi-annually? Your subscription will be covered when your plan is up for renewal.

  1. Make sure you have the same email address for RentRedi and BiggerPockets.

    1. If you need to modify your BiggerPockets Pro account email, you can do so here or by clicking "Settings" > "General Information."

    2. Update your email address and click "Save".

    3. If you need to modify your RentRedi account email, visit https://app.rentredi.com/updateEmail

  2. Sign out of RentRedi.

  3. Go to BiggerPockets.com, sign into your Pro account, and click "Manage my Rental Properties" on your Pro Benefits page to use RentRedi

  4. You will be directed to RentRedi with a login screen just for BiggerPockets Pro members to connect your account.

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