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Bypass Asset Verification for Individual Applicants
Bypass Asset Verification for Individual Applicants

Tenants without a bank or if an institution does not support the asset verification process, tenants can skip this step and provide reason.

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When Income & Asset Verification (proof of tenant income) is enabled, prospective tenants will be asked to enter their banking credentials to ensure the financial credibility of the applicant. However, some applicants may be unbanked or an applicant may encounter the error message: "Your credentials are correct, but your bank institution does not support this step." In these instances, the applicant can choose to skip the asset verification step and provide a reason that will be visible to the landlord or property manager.

The error indicates that the applicant's bank is not compatible with the asset verification process. This does not reflect on the applicant's financial standing.

How to Bypass or Skip Asset Verification

After completing the screening details, the applicant will be asked to complete the income & asset verification step. The applicant will see the option to skip this step and provide a reason for doing so. Whatever is entered on this screen will be visible to the landlord.

  1. Click Applications

  2. Click Apply Now next to your application draft

  3. Click Sign and Send on the left-hand side

  4. Click Decline

    1. NOTE: Skipping without a good reason can lead to the landlord rejecting your application, so this is NOT recommended unless you truly need to skip asset and income verification.

  5. Enter a descriptive message explaining why you cannot complete asset and income verification

  6. Click Submit


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