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Set Up Multiple Monthly Automatic Payments
Set Up Multiple Monthly Automatic Payments

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Want to make paying your rent even easier? Set up automatic payments!

Automatic payments provide a seamless way to ensure your rent is paid on time without the hassle of making a manual payment. Before setting up auto-pay, make sure you've established a payment method for RentRedi.

To create an automatic payment schedule, follow the steps below!

From your RentRedi app:

  1. Click Rent

  2. Click Set Up AutoPay

  3. Enter the amount you wish to pay on this monthly payment

  4. Choose Select multiple days

  5. Scroll to select the desired day of the month and click Save

  6. Click Save Changes

  7. Click Dismiss

You will then be directed to a screen listing all the active autopay payments you have set up. To add additional payment dates, click Add AutoPay from this screen and repeat steps 3-7.

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