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Tenant ACH Payments without Plaid
Tenant ACH Payments without Plaid

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If you were having issues receiving the $0.01 micro-deposit to verify your bank account, and reported this issue to our support team, you may have been permitted to use the alternate ACH payment route.

This payment route will allow you to enter your account and routing number to make a payment immediately.

Please note, you must ensure you are using the ACH Routing Number designated by your bank! Some banks have different routing numbers based on region, state, or transaction type. Be sure to confirm your account number and ACH Routing Number with your bank before entering your account information.

Once you have confirmed your account and ACH routing number, please follow the steps below:

Download the App: Get it on Google Play or Download from the App Store

  1. Login to your account

  2. In the RentRedi app, tap Rent

  3. Select the charge you would like to pay

  4. Select the payment method New Bank Account with Account Numbers

  5. Enter your Account and Routing number

  6. Enter the personal information your bank has on file

  7. Save your payment method

  8. Submit your payment



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