How to Manage Accounting with RentRedi

Simplify accounting for rent payments using REI Hub, rental property accounting software

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RentRedi & REI Hub (recommended)

RentRedi partners with REI Hub to provide you with elegantly simple, 5-star accounting designed specifically for real estate investors & rental property owners.

As a RentRedi customer, when you sign up for accounting, you can then automatically import your RentRedi properties & charges, add your financial accounts, track expenses, and pull reports.

  1. Save Time With Automation: Finish your books faster using time-saving templates and rule-based transaction matching

  2. Easy-to-Understand Reports: View and understand performance in real-time on our portfolio and property dashboards

  3. Top-Rated, Simple Software: REI Hub averages a 5-star rating for customer satisfaction and easy-to-use accounting software features!

Simple Pricing For Every Portfolio

  • 3 units included: $25.00/mo

  • 10 units included: $39.00/mo

  • 20 units included: $59.00/mo

  • Unlimited Units: $99.00/mo

Alternative Accounting Options

  1. Share with an Accountant—The most hands-off way is for you to give access to your Accountant.  With our permissions feature, you can send a teammate invite to your Accountant and they can create a team account for free. Then, you can allow your accountant to see your account and download your payments info to Excel, Quickbooks Online, or Quickbooks Desktop.  Take our tour on how to give your accountant access to your RentRedi account.

  2. Spreadsheet—You can export your payment info to a spreadsheet (often done each month or quarter) and then input your expenses on a separate tab.  This spreadsheet can be used with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Apple Numbers.  Give this to your accountant at the end of the year for filing.  Take our tour on how to export your payments to an Excel spreadsheet.

  3. QuickBooks Online—You can link your RentRedi payment account to QuickBooks Online and when your funds are deposited, they will automatically show up there! No exporting needed!  Take our tour on how to export your payments for QuickBooks Online.

Please Note: Quickbooks Export only works with Online or 2018 or older Desktop/Pro. 2019 and 2020 Pro/Desktop does not import properly.

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