RentRedi vs Quickbooks for ACH Payments
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Want a quick, affordable, and convenient way for your tenants to pay rent? Let’s look at RentRedi vs Quickbooks Payments to see how they compare for collecting rent online.

Here's a comparison of how RentRedi stacks up against Quickbooks for processing rent payments.

RentRedi vs Quickbooks Payments



Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks Desktop “Pay as you go”

Quickbooks Desktop “Pay monthly”

ACH Bank Transfer


1% (max $10)



Credit Card

3.1% + $0.30 for cards

2.9% + 25 ¢

3.5% + 30 ¢

3.3% + 30 ¢

Cash Rent Payments


Not available

Not available

Not available

When it comes to processing ACH (bank) payments, RentRedi is by far the most affordable option for tenants. Our processing fee is only $1 for ACH/Cash and the tenant can set up their RentRedi mobile app to automatically pay rent every month.

Plus, if you want to cover the $1 processing fee for the tenant, you can do that right from RentRedi! Additionally, you can also customize the payment processing types to accept ACH/Cash only or ACH/Cash and card.

RentRedi for Rent Collection

  • Web and mobile app for landlords so you can collect & manage rent payments from anywhere

  • Set up rent charges for the entire lease at once

  • Enable auto-late fees so you don’t have do any manual calculations

  • Block payments right from your dashboard

  • Create as many property-specific accounts as needed, no extra charges!

  • Export rent payments directly to spreadsheets, Quickbooks Online, Desktop, or Pro

  • Offer a flexible of payment options: ACH, card, and cash

  • Notify your tenant to enable auto-pay, pay rent, and custom in-app notifications

More control over how you collect rent & flexible payment options for tenants.

Please Note: Quickbooks Export only works with Online or 2018 or older Desktop/Pro. 2019 and 2020 Pro/Desktop does not import properly.

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