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Landlord Help: Rent (Charges, Fees, Payments)
Landlord Help: Rent (Charges, Fees, Payments)

Find helpful articles related to setting up and rent charges, late fees, partial/block rent payments, recording rent paid, creating/viewing/deleting rent charges or payments.

How long to process and receive rent payments?rent collection, receive rent payments, transfer payments, deposit funds, payment processing, receive money, bank account,
Will new tenants see an old tenant's unpaid charges?unpaid charges, new tenant, old tenant
Payments: FAQsprocessing time, how to view the pending payment, how to view deposits

Create a ChargeAdd charge, add rent, create rent, create charge, utilities, late fees, bills, maintenance fees, parking fees, HOA fees, overlapping charges
Create Charge for Security Depositsecurity deposit charge, how to charge for security deposit
Create Charge Visible to Individual Tenantscharges for one tenant, hide charges from other renters
Creating Charges for Month-to-Month Leasesmonth-to-month lease, month-to-month tenant, month-to-month renter, m2m lease, m2m renter, m2m tenant, monthly lease renewal
Create Charges for Past Due Datescreate past charges, add retroactive charges, previously paid charges
Update a Charge for Rent Forgivenessrent forgive, update charge for new amount, discount on rent
Set Up Prorated Rent for a Tenantprorate rent, prorated payments, prorated charge
How to Automatically Collect for Utilitiesbilling tenants for utilities, recurring charges for utilities
Understanding Charge ActionsCharge actions allow landlords and property manager to send reminders to tenants, receive payments outside of RentRedi, or modify charges.
Editing a ChargeThe due date for any specific charge can be modified at any time by editing the charge details.
How Tenants Can Schedule Recurring Rent RemindersTenants Schedule Recurring Reminders for themselves
Create Singular or One-Off Chargecreate one charge, make singular charge, utilities charge, bill charge, how to make one-off charge
Create Automatic Rent Increasesrent increase, create rent increase charge, add rent increase
How to Create Section 8 Chargessection 8, HUD, charges, external payment, manual entry,

1099-K Convenience Fee Write-Off1099K fees, filter out convenience fees for 1099-K
Report of Security Depositsexport security deposits, print security deposits, security deposit report
1099-K FAQs1099-k help, 1099-k question, 1099-K forms, update 1099-K
1099-K IRS Form and ProPay Inctax form, IRS form, faqs for 1099-k
1099-K Amount Thresholdtax info RentRedi, payment processing taxes, 1099-K, 1099-K If You Never Used RentRedi
How to Get Corrected Names on Your 1099Kupdate names 1099k
Remove Convenience Fees from Reportsremove convenience fees from reports, filter out convenience fees, hide convenience fees
Discrepancies in 1099-Ks1099-Ks, taxes, convienences fees, returns
RentRedi vs Quickbooks for ACH Payments
How to Manage Accounting with RentRediSimplify accounting for rent payments using REI Hub, rental property accounting software
How to Export PaymentsExport Payments / rent payments to Spreadsheets or Quickbooks / View All Past Payments, Monthly Reports
Exporting Invoices and Payments to Quickbooks OnlineHow to Export your Tenant Charges and Your Tenant's Payments to Quickbooks Online
Understanding and Resolving1099-K B NoticesB Notice requires immediate action to fix mismatches in tax ID or business name for payment accounts to avoid holds, upload a W-9 to correct
How should landlords update their SSN/ IEN number on their 1099-K?update social security for 1099-K, update IEN for 1099-K
How do I update my address for 1099-K?address update for 1099-K, need to change address for 1099-K
How long will it take to get my updated 1099-K after requesting a change?1099-K request change, updated 1099-K, how long to request 1099-K
Incorrect Amount on my 1099-K Form1099-K incorrect amount, wrong amount on 1099-K, 1099-K showing wrong amount
How do I update the name on my 1099-K form?change name on 1099-K, update name on 1099-K, wrong name on 1099-K
1099-K: Why is the security deposit counting towards collected income?1099-K income, 1099-K security deposit
How will I receive my 1099-K form?get 1099-K, how do I get my 1099-K, looking for 1099-K form, 1099K, 1099, access, download, portal, dashboard, how to download my 1099k,
When will the 1099-K forms be sent?when does my 1099-K arrive, when will I get my 1099-K, how long to get my 1099-K
What address will my 1099-K forms be sent?address for 1099-K, looking for 1099-K, how do I know the address of my 1099-K form
Why did I get two 1099-K forms?1099-K form for credit card, 1099-K form for ACH, 2 forms for 1099-K, second copy, 2nd copy of 1099-K, 2nd form
How are totals calculated for 1099-K forms?1099-K totals, figure out totals for 1099-K
1099-K: Why is the reported total gross payment amount higher than what I collected in rent?total gross payment on 1099-K, 1099-K total gross payment
How long to correct a 1099-K?fix 1099-K, correct 1099-K
1099-K and data were reported to the IRS on the wrong Tax ID?wrong tax ID on 1099-K, wrong 1099-K tax identification
How long will to receive a corrected or updated copy of a 1099-K?How long to receive a corrected or updated copy of a 1099-K? Processing requests for new forms may take up to 4-6 weeks.