Fix Tenant Paying Rent, But Not Late Fees

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If you want the tenant to pay both the rent and late fees at the same time, you can bundle the late fee with the rent. This way, the late fee accrues until the total amount (late fee & charge) is paid and incentivizes the tenant to pay both charges.

Bundle Late Fee with Rent Charge

  1. Under the "Rent" section, click the dropdown menu and select "Late Fee Rules"

  2. Under the "Save As" section in late fees, you have two options:

    1. Create a Separate Charge: Show "Rent" and "Late Fee" as separate charges (works well for keeping income types separate in accounting).

    2. Add to Existing: Show "Rent" and "Late Fee" as one charge (encourages tenant to pay late fee and rent together).

  3. Select "Add to Existing" to show the rent and late fee as two distinct charges.

  4. Click the "Save" button in the top righthand corner to set your auto-late fee rules!

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