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Create a Charge

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Want to add rent or create a charge?

Take the tour and we'll create a charge together

Follow the instructions below

  1. On your RentRedi dashboard, click the + next to the Rent tab

  2. Select the charge type (Lease/ Rent or Other)

  3. Select the Property Address and Unit

  4. Select BOOK TO to indicate charge-type review the charge description

  5. Click Continue

  6. Confirm the tenants (only the tenants listed here can view and pay charges)

  7. Click Continue

  8. Enter the Rent Amount and Lease Start and End Dates to create a lease of charges

  9. To create Month to Month/ Recurring charges, click the box below Lease End Date

  10. Customize the charge frequency (i.e., monthly, bi-monthly, custom, etc)

  11. You can customize that date for each charge (i.e. the 28th of the month)

  12. Note: If the rent is month-to-month, leave the Lease End Date space empty.

  13. Click Continue

  14. Preview charges (edit due dates, delete or duplicate charges as needed)

  15. Click Save

Watch the video

Some helpful notes:

  • Charges are your requests for money

  • Payments are then made (by tenants) towards each charge

  • Charges will show up in the tenant's app as money due

  • Create recurring rent charges for the entirety of the lease all at once and then relax!

  • If there are existing charges, you'll have the ability to Delete Overlapping Charges

Have any questions?  Click the blue button in the bottom right and message us. 
We're happy to help! 😊

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