Create Charges for Past Due Dates

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The first charge due date can't be in the past; so the system will automatically set the first charge to be the most upcoming one.

If you need to add a retroactive charge, you can follow the instructions below to create a charge that occurred in the past!

  1. On your RentRedi dashboard, click the "+" next to the "Rent" tab

  2. Select "Lease/Rent"

  3. Input the property and unit, "Book To", and description

  4. Click the "Continue" button

  5. Connect tenants to their charges (only the tenants listed will be able to see the change, you can remove tenants by clicking the "X" next to their name)

  6. Click the "Continue" button

  7. Enter the rent amount, lease dates, and set the recurrence of the charge (i.e., monthly, bi-monthly, custom, etc)

  8. Click the "Continue" button

  9. Click the "Duplicate" button to copy a charge

10. Click the date of the new charge to edit the date to your retroactive date

11, Repeat as many times as needed!

12. When you've created all your past & future changes, review, & click the "Save" button!


If your tenant paid the charges that occurred in the past, you can reflect that in RentRedi by marking a payment as received!

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