Create Singular or One-Off Charge

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Need to create a singular or one-off charge?

Follow the instructions below!

  1. On your RentRedi dashboard, click the "Create Charge +" next to the "Rent" tab

  2. Select the charge type ("Other")

  3. Select the property address and unit

  4. Ensure "BOOK TO" is set to the appropriate charge type

  5. Click the "Continue" button

  6. Ensure the appropriate tenants are connected to the charge so they will be able to view & pay

    1. (Note: If there are no tenants listed, click "Add a New Tenant" to connect them to the charge).

  7. Click the "Continue" button

  8. Enter the amount due for the charge and the total number of occurances (just leave at 1 if this is a one-off or singular charge)

  9. Click the "Continue" button to preview and edit charges, if necessary

  10. Click the "Save" button to finish creating the charge!

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