Need to void a tenant's payment? Follow the instructions below!

  1. Log in to Propay using the magic login link

  2. When the Propay Dashboard is open, click on the “Reports” tab

  3. Under the Reports tab, you’ll want to select “Transaction Report

  4. Once in the Transaction Report, you’ll want to select the date range.

  5. Scroll down, and under “Pending Transactions”, look for the tenant’s payment and click the “Trans #

  6. Scroll down, and if there is a VOID button then the transaction is still voidable, if not then the transaction is already processing.

Done! 🎉

Note: If the "Void" button doesn't appear on the dashboard, then the payment has already started processing and cannot be voided from your dashboard.

If you would like to refund the tenant, reach out to the RentRedi support team via chat. We will contact Propay to initiate the payment reversal. Propay needs 14 days to refund ACH transactions to ensure the funds are received before refunding payment to the tenant. This is done to prevent fraudulent charges and ACH returns.

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