Deposit Tracking!

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Our payment processor batches all transfers but you can easily track each deposit with our live deposit tracking!
1. On your Rentredi dashboard, click on the three horizontal line menu at the top left

2. Click on Rent

3. Select View All Charges

4. Select the Paid in 30 days tab 

5. Click on the Deposits Initiated or Deposits Made tab to track individual payments.

6. The transfer amount will show you the batched payment

7. The "Payments Linked" column will show you the individual payments in that batched transfer

8. The "Deposit To" column will show you what payment account the tenant payment will go to

9. Clicking on an individual payment will take you to that charge

Note: If you are looking to check deposits past 30 days, use the filter for "Paid On" to enter a date range.

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