Look Up Deposit Details in RentRedi

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In your RentRedi dashboard, you can see transactions and deposit details!

  1. From your RentRedi dashboard, click the ••• next to the "Rent" section on the dashboard

  2. Click "Payment Accounts"

  3. Next to the payment account, click “•••”

  4. Click “Open"

  5. You then want to click on the Reports tab

  6. Click on "Transaction Reports"

  7. Select the date range you wish to see transactions and deposits

  8. Once the list populates, scroll down to the "Completed Transactions" section

  9. Once you find a deposit, take note of the Trans Date (transaction)

  10. Click on the Reports tab again and then go to Deposit Reports

  11. In this section, you will then select the date you want

  12. Once the list populates, you will see a list of transactions and the deposit (all the transactions are related to that deposit)

  13. You can click on the "+" for each transaction to note which tenant made that payment

  14. You can also export the list as well into an excel sheet

Even though deposits are batched (not separate), RentRedi lets you see the batched broken out with each item (as if they were separate transfers) so you can easily reconcile your bank account with RentRedi anytime!

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