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Payment Account Deposit Report

Deposit Reports contain all of the detailed transaction information for each transaction within a batched deposit.

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Payments are processed in RentRedi through our payment processor, ProPay. Whenever possible, ProPay will batch the transactions that occur within a similar timeframe into a single deposit. This is a typical practice for most payment processors. Your Payment Account's Deposit Report will provide a detailed breakdown of all the transaction within a given batched deposit.

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Run a Deposit Report

The Deposit Report is specific to the individual payment account, the payment account is directly tied to a single checking account. Any RentRedi account can have multiple payment accounts. To run your report:

  1. From your RentRedi Dashboard click on the gear โš™๏ธ icon

  2. Click Settings

  3. Toggle to Feature Settings at the top of the screen

  4. Click Modify on the Receive Payments panel

  5. Click Open Dashboard on the desired payment account

  6. Choose the Reports tab at the top of the screen

  7. Click Deposit Report

  8. Enter the desired deposit date and click Search

Batched Transactions

As stated above, each deposit may contain multiple transaction due to the batching of transactions. Each transaction will have a unique Transaction ID. This will be the same Transaction ID you will see in the Transaction Report. You can view the array of transaction types and their definitions in our Transaction Report article.

In this example, there are are 7 payments from 2 tenants. The final line of the Deposit Report will the the amount being deposited into the connected deposit account.

Negative Deposits / Withdraws

In some cases a deposit may be negative, resulting in a withdrawal from the connected deposit report. In the majority of cases, this is caused by a failed ACH payment or potentially a dispute. In either case, the deposit report can be used to determine which transaction and tenant is the cause of the negative deposit. Simply search the deposit report for the date of the withdraw (+/- 1 business day) and find the failed Transaction ID.

Each payment, deposit, and withdrawal will have a unique Transaction ID. That transaction ID will follow the item through each modification or action on the transaction. You can easily view the history of a payment be looking at the Transaction Report and viewing all the transactions that took place with the same transaction ID. For a failed payment, there are typically 3: the original payment, the rejection determination, and the failed payment fee. The associated deposit and withdrawal will have their own Transaction IDs.

In this example, the tenant had a rent payment for $1,901.00 fail on 3/7 after being deposited. This failed payment incurred a $1.50 fee. This resulted in a negative deposit of $1,902.50 withdrawn on 3/8.

More information on ACH Clawbacks here.

* ProPay will deduct the negative balance in the payment account from undeposited funds before withdrawing from the deposit account.

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