You can send in-app notifications:

  • to tenants in a single unit, 

  • to a whole property, or 

  • to all tenants at once! 

Take the tour and we'll do it together 😄

Or follow the instructions below! 👇

  1. On your RentRedi dashboard, click the "+" icon on the notifications tab

  2. Fill out the title of the notification

  3. Fill out the main message of the notification

  4. Choose a notification type from the drop-down menu

  5. Select who will receive the message ("All" send to all tenants; "Property" sends to all tenants in a single property; "Unit" sends to tenants of a single unit)

  6. Select the property address and unit from the drop-down menu, if applicable

Note: Tenants do not get notified when you create charges, so you can finish setting up everything you'd like before notifying them. This way, if you create charges for the whole lease or are setting up several charges, they don't get a whole bunch of notifications at once. If you would like to let them know new charges are there when you're done setting them up, you can follow the instructions above to let them know!

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